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Alumni information

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Alumni information


Information about what select Writing Dept alumni are up to can be found in the Alumni Spotlights.


For (quite in-depth) descriptions of programs our alums have attended (or to add yours), click here.


Graduate Programs in Writing that our alumni have attended (and names/classes, if known, in parentheses). Not a complete list:


  • Antioch University-Los Angeles (Matt Weaver, 12)
  • Boise State University (Jacob Powers, 06)
  • Bowling Green State University (Abigail Dykstra, 12) 
  • Colorado State University (Christina Usler, 16) 
  • Columbia College Chicago (Kaitlyn Wightman, 09) 
  • Clemson University (Kiera Wilson, 11; Matt Russell, 13) 
  • Eastern Michigan University (Tracy Lee, 06)
  • Georgia College and State University (Rori Hoatlin, 11 and Claire Helakoski 12)
  • Grand Valley State University (Mike Salisbury, 06)
  • Kansas State University (Joe Vanderhyde, 06)
  • Hollins University (Hazel Foster, 10) 
  • Michigan State University (Larissa Babak, 15; Teresa Williams, 17)
  • The New School (Brian Saladino, 14)
  • Northern Michigan University (Cynthia Brandon, 06; Anthony Guerriero, 05; Joe Slocum, 06)
  • Northwestern University (Amanda Mitchell Gebhart, 04)
  • Ohio University
  • Pacific University (Jon Snider, 09) 
  • Portland State University (Robert Sullivan, 10) 
  • Texas State University-San Marcos (Lauren Pontious, 05)
  • Texas Tech University (Tyler Fleser, 19) 
  • University of Alabama (Breanne LeJeune, 07; Katie Shinkle, 07)
  • University of Alaska (Joshua Fish 08) 
  • University of Florida (Jacob Guajardo, 15) 
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Lindsay Drager, 08; Paige Dhyne, 17)  
  • University of Iowa MFA in Nonfiction (T Fleischmann, 05; Maris Venia, 06)
  • University of Memphis (Kendra Vanderlip, 15) 
  • University of Minnesota (Morgan Sherburne, 06; Nikki Fisher, 14)
  • University of New Orleans (Emma Carlton, 11)   
  • University of the West of England, UK (Rose White, 15)
  • University of Utah (Sarah Smith, 17) 
  • University of Wyoming (Bison Messink, 06; Katie Booms, 10)
  • Vermont College of Fine Arts (Daniel Abbott, 12) 
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (Tom Mervenne, 10) 
  • Virginia Tech (Michelle Potgeter, 10) 
  • Wayne State University (Ariel Mokdad, 15) 
  • West Virginia University (Connie Pan, 09) 
  • Western Michigan University (Jeremy Llorence, 12) 


Add your information (or others that you know)!


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